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XtreamBee Board (No XBee included)Artikelnummer: DIYD-BR-0015-01

XtreamBee Board (No XBee included)
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This is one of the most advanced and competitive XBee interface board you will find! It's breadboard compatible, has 4 status LED's (one selectable to display ASC or RSSI), built-in 3.3V power regulator, configuration solder jumpers and an unique feature that allows you set the device as Master or Slave FTDI mode with a simple slide of a switch!

In master mode you will be able to attach any USB FTDI cable/board and send/receive data like the rest of the average XBee adapters do (normal use mode), but if you slide the switch to "Slave mode" you will be able to attach the XtreamBee to any FTDI compatible device, like Arduinos, ArduIMU and Ardupilot's. So you only need two XtreamBee's, one master and other slave to create a both-ways wireless FTDI communication  (or one XtreamBee set in "Slave Mode", if you already have another third party XBee adapter). You can even tweak the board to "wirelessly" emulate CTS and RTS signals. This board was under development for about 1 and 1/2 years! But finally after many failures it works with cheap/passive components. Great isn't it? 

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-Includes 2 x 2mm female receptor headers to correctly place the XBee module.
-Includes 1 x right angle 6 position male pin headers.
-3.3V regulator build-in.
-ON Led, Tx/Rx Led's, ASC and RSSI Led (Jumper selectable).
-Master/Slave selector
-Solder jumper allow you to supply the board directly with 3.3V (Only recommended in Slave Mode).
-Breadboard compatible!
-Screw holes for easy mounting.
(Xbee module not included)

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