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Breakout Board for DOSonCHIP FAT16 FAT32 uSD Module Sparkfun BOB-08215Artikelnummer: SF-BOB-08215

Breakout Board for DOSonCHIP FAT16 FAT32 uSD Module Sparkfun BOB-08215
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Description: This is a ready to go module that utilizes the DOSonCHIP™ FAT16/32 IC with accompanying micro-SD socket. Excellent evaluation board for the DOSonCHIP™ silicon or for file storage, simple datalogging, and high speed API datalogging! Uses a simple UART or SPI interface.  Low 5mA current consumption.

The DOSonCHIP™ embedded file system and SDHC/SD/MMC controller makes it easy to add up to 32GB of storage to your project without adding software complexity (OS Not Required™). Add flash storage for data logging, configuration, audio recording, web serving, and more with this high speed, low power IC. DOSonCHIP™ is a drop-in solution with UART and SPI interfaces and included host-side ANSI C codejust fill in the appropriate definitions for your host communications port (or leverage the included bit-banged SPI code). The open source interface code provides comprehensive file system access functions that will be familiar to any C programmer. Commented sample code that demonstrates how to use all of the functionality of the DOSonCHIP™ is provided too. Adding high-capacity removable storage to an embedded project couldn't be easier!

We now have ICs with v2 firmware! Compatible with SDHC (up to 32GB!) and 60 times the speed of the original version.

If hardware flow control is not needed, tie CTS to ground.

microSD card sold separately below.

  • Integrated real-time clock for current date & time and file-stamping
  • Low power consumption
  • 2.7V to 3.3V operation with 5V tolerant I/O
  • Active current 5mA @ 3.3V (typical)
  • Shutdown current < 0.1µA
  • 0.8mm height—small enough to mount under many SD sockets
  • 24-pin QFN package
  • Simplified pinout matches card socket layout
  • Minimal external passives required for low total system cost
  • Host Interface
  • UART with autobaud detection
  • SPI bus
  • I2C/SMBus (not enabled in current firmware)
  • FAT32 & FAT16 compatible
  • 4 simultaneous files open


Dimension: 1x1.45"


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