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Wireless Arduino GamePad V2.0 DFrobot DFR0182Model: DFR0182

Wireless Arduino GamePad V2.0 DFrobot DFR0182
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The Wireless Joystick v2 for Arduino is the first gamepad based on Arduino from DFRobot. It support Xbee, Bluetooth, RF and Wifi via the Xbee socket. Makes it possible to custom your own wireless communication for controlling your robots, mobile platforms, UAVs and etc.
This gamepad supplies two analog sticks, one reset button and 16 programmable buttons, using PS2 style button layout, which allows you to completely customize your controlling experience. It runs on three "AAA" Batteries or a Micro USB power supply. Program it directly via Micro USB adapter included easily.It's Pecfect for your projects what need a remote controller.
Improvements of v2.0
  • Wireless gamepad v2.0 is compatible with Arduino Leonardo.Compared with v1.1,you don't need to purchase a FTDI programmer for it anymore. Just plugin the Micro USB adapter and program it directly.
  • The v2 gamepad supports a new feature. It integrated two-way motor driver circuit and two vibration motors. Then it's available to program and enable the vibration function of your gamepad and get the real feedback from your robots!
The xbee in the picture is not included in this product.
  • Power supply: "AAA" Battery x3 or Micro USB
  • Programmable inputs:
    • 2 analog sticks
    • one D-pad
    • 10 buttons
    • 2 joystick buttons
  • Program interface: Micro USB via a small adapter included
  • Bootloader: Arduino Leonardo
  • Includes a Turbo button used to reset the controller
  • Informational LEDs
    • Red one: Power indicator
    • Green one: RX indicator
  • Integrate two-way motor driver
  • Support vibration function
  • Includes a Xbee socket
  • Support Xbee series wireless modules,Bluetooth Bee,RF Bee and Wifi Bee
Shipping List
  • Wireless Joystick v2.0 for Arduino     1 unit
  • Micro USB adapter     1unit
This product was added to our catalog on 04/17/2012.
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